Our group of researchers, conservationists and volunteers in our Conservation Program “Tortugas Preciosas de Osa” do a great job every day to protect the four species of sea turtles that nest in the Osa Peninsula, but they need your help to do more. 


Conservation Actions

In addition to the ecological information we all collect everyday in our monitoring patrols, it is necessary to take conservation actions that attack direct problems that threaten these species, such as:

  • Poaching of eggs for consumption to sale. 
  • The predation of nests by feral dogs.
  • Destruction of nests by river floods and lagoons.
  • Loss of nesting sites due to sea level rising of Climate Change.
  • Inviability of nests because of high temperatures due to Climate Change. 

Sea Turtle Hatchery

For this reason when there are threatened nests, our team relocates them to our sea turtle hatchery where they can continue with their normal development in optimal conditions until they hatch and the baby turtles are subsequently released to the sea, making sure that each of these turtles has a second chance to become an adult. Due to the great work that this whole process requires (construction and maintenance of the hatchery, research and assistants hours, material for monitoring, scientific equipment, etc.) it is always necessary to have support from people who want to help these great conservation efforts. 


If you want to contribute to this efforts in our conservation program you can support Tortugas Preciosas de Osa by adopting a turtle nest in our hatchery. 

By adopting a nest for $ 100 USD, you are helping to ensure that the nest has all the material, logistical support from researchers and volunteers, as well as its monitoring and care until the release of the hatchlings. With your support we can together contribute greatly to the conservation of these wonderful species so important for the Osa Peninsula, our seas and our worl

Follow the progress of your nest

Follow the evolution of your nest from relocation in the hatchery to hatch, release and first contact with the ocean. 

Once the nest has been relocated, you will have to wait between 45 and 60 days before seeing pictures of your babies. We will keep you informed every step of the way. 

At the end, you will have contributed to save between 80 and 200 baby turtles !


Your "Adoption Certificate"

This certificate, signed by the programme managers, will include the references of the nest and the estimated date of birth.

Scientific Data of Your Nest

We will send you the main data recorded for your nest such as: Species of turtle, Date of eggs-laying and Due date of the nest, Nest code in our hatchery, Number of eggs in nest, Number, average weight and length of babies.

A short video of the release

You will also receive a short video of the nest in the vivero and the release of your little turtles.