Meet our team

Manuel Sanchez


Founder. Wildlife researcher, conservationist and photographer. Native to the Osa Peninsula, he has worked in conservation of sea turtles for more than 20 years in Osa and throughout Costa Rica. A passionate naturalist, he has contributed to birdlife and herpetology research in Costa Rica and the United States.

Pascal Thomas

media coordinator

Founder. Developer of ecological tourism projects in the Osa Peninsula for 5 years. A promoter of wildlife conservation, he has contributed to
various projects in the Osa Peninsula, including efforts on sea
turtles and community development.

Max Villalobos

conservation advisor

Specialist in Natural Resources Management, Geographic
Information Systems and operation of projects in the field. He has
directed conservation and human development projects in Costa
Rica and Panama for more than 15 years.

Juan Carlos Cruz

scientific advisor

Researcher at the National University of Costa Rica. Tropical
biologist, specialist in conservation and wildlife management with
more than 10 years of experience in research and conservation of
terrestrial mammalS, predator-prey ecology and population

Ivannia Mejia

logistic support

Forest Engineer. She has participated in conservation and human
development projects for more than 15 years in Costa Rica, including
various projects for Payment for Environmental Services and
sustainable production of non-wood products.

Claudia Hurtado


Marine Biologist. She has worked in ecological research and
conservation of marine animals throughout the world for more than
6 years and has contributed to sea turtle conservation projects in
Cabo Verde, Spain, and Costa Rica.

Adonis Vargas Araya

Research assistant

Native of Puerto Jiménez in the Osa Peninsula, he has contributed to
the active conservation of sea turtles with Tortugas Preciosas de Osa
for the second consecutive year. He has served as a naturalist guide
in Osa with an emphasis on the conservation of threatened species.

Milton Munoz Vasquez


Native to the Osa Peninsula and a fervent promoter of conservation,
he has served as a naturalist guide in different parts of Costa Rica
for over 9 years, including Corcovado National Park.