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Help us to go the extra mile! Constantly we need to renew our hatchery, get equipment and support locals to volunteer. Any contribution is highly appreciated. 100% of the sums received are for the program (no administration, no agencies…)


Tortugas Preciosas de Osa Conservation Program requires funding in order to achieve the necessary activities to protect the sea turtles that nest in Preciosa beach.

Our Hatchery: Requiring high maintenance due to the need of replace parts and materials that ware out by weather conditions along with the high prices of materials, our hatchery is certainly one of the elements that requiere more of our work on this project.

Environmental Education on schools: The community of Puerto Jimenez is esential to conserve and protect the sea turtles species. Thus, one of our goals is to train locals to be part of our monitoring efforts that can be passed onto the new generations, reaching out to schools and highscools. In order to do so, we require on educative materials and to cover incentives to these local leaders.

Sea Turtle Festival: As part of the environmental education goal and outreach, we will host our first Sea Turtle Festival in Puerto Jimenez. This will have the collaboration of different sea turtle projects in the Peninsula, where we will carry out a myriad of activities for kids and adults. We will cover several presentations with our achievements and plans, along with relevant information about the species and the project to the public. At the end we will release hatchlings so the participants will finish with a real connection to the species and the mission of the project. As any social activity we requiere of several supplies and logistic expenses to make this possible.